Behind the scenes

360° bullet-time light-painting event at AdobeMAX 2015

Not long ago, I have been invited by Adobe to do what I do best: 360 degree bullet-time light-painting, and it turned into one of the most amazing project I've ever accomplished. I'm very proud to launch today the behind-the-scenes video of this event.

Eric Paré - March 01, 2016

This year at AdobeMAX, attendees had access to a very unique photography experience: a 360° light-painting structure. Each picture has been crafted by hand in a pitch black environement by Eric Paré and Kim Henry while the rest of the team was handling the software.

Special thanks to Russel Preston Brown and Adobe Systems for making this happen.

Best team ever: Kim Henry, Jeremy Lloubes, Tony Stranges, Ed McDonough, Johan Silva and Matthias Thomas Lamotte.

Video edit / prep: Ange Amargier, Guillermo Castellanos and I.


Press kit image download (including 10 animated gif): [link]


Most of the light-painting effects will be explained in our group during the next days: [link]


Behind the scenes + a few light-painting images


TOP 10



Animated gifs (Hotlink allowed)

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